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Water Rafting Rio Cangrejal
Copan: The Mayan Athens
Relaxing in the Caribbean 

Welcome to GEM

Global English Mentors is the premier volunteer site in Honduras

Our relationship with Honduras spans over two decades. We provide volunteer English teachers to schools that meet our criteria of responsible social educators. GEM takes care of all the details of your stay here including safe housing, free meals in school, and experienced counselors to make your stay in Honduras a rewarding experience which will be cherished for years to come. GEM firmly believes that in order for parents to fully support their children's educational dreams and aspirations, the parents need to raise their educational level as well. Our project schools tend to be those in which the school administrators provide at low cost or no cost the education that the child's caretaker needs to empower themselves and assist the child, and this is the support that is lacking in third world family scenarios. This cohesive and comprehensive educational strategy is what is missing in most well-meaning volunteer programs everywhere, but, it is one which we highly value We hope you join us in becoming a part of this process.

During breaks, Honduras has a lot to offer you as well. The people here are warm and welcoming to those who come here.The land is very beautiful with much to offer,  from mountain hikes and water rafting, beautiful Caribbean beaches where you can snorkel in the second largest reefs in the world to being awed by the Mayan ruins in Copan. Honduras offers it all. Come to Honduras to teach and fall in love with this land, you will never want to  leave.

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WANTED: Mathematics TEACHER!

GEM is looking for a volunteer to teach mathematics.

The applicant should be a mathematics or science major with some Spanish language skills. The ideal candidate should be familiar with the Singapore math curriculum and have an interest in implementing a pilot math curriculum for grades Pr-K to 2nd Grade in one of our schools. If you think you have what it takes to start a math revolution in Honduras please contact us.